Bo Sundius

How we inhabit a building and the stories those buildings contain to tell to later generations is the power of architecture. Program and use found in the relationships within one's home brings people together. Crafted synergies between retail and public space enliven community places. These relationships properly brought together help to solidify family bonds, enlarge community space, and bring value to the developer. These relationships are fluid and electrically charged.

With an interest in the narrative quality of architecture and the power of programming to invigorate spaces and towns, Bo's first concern is how the user inhabits, uses and experiences each space. These places combine great space making with a keen understanding of how they can/ are inhabited to make for solid visceral experiences.

Here is Bo's full Curriculum Vitae
or abbreviated...
Bo has a BA in English Lit from Brown University
and a Masters of Architecture from SCI-Arc
(Southern California Institute of Architecture)
Architect License from the State of Colorado.

Bo has over 10 years of design experience working with
The Jerde Partnership
5 Years with Jerde, Bo designed large and small commercial retail destinations, urban regenerative in-fill mixed-use, and multifamily residences.

Retail/ Mixed Use and Hospitality projects globally.

New West Land, Co.
A frequent collaborator.

Roto Architects
Residential and Commerical

Bo blogs on writing, architecture and his travels at omnibus