The quarterly magazine GOOD asked Bunch through design and provocative dialogue to address a question that had been posed by the founder of the hugely wonderful organization The Tree People.

"Los Angeles is a diverse population with over 80 languages,
over 200 nations, and so many different cultures and economic strata.

How do we move this population that may be interested in urban greening but are not all that environmentally literate to understand and be inspired to take effective action?"

~ By Andy Lipkis, Founder and President, Tree People

BUNCH noted that there are as many faces of people as there are trees.
"Tree People" took on a whole new meaning for us.

CURRENTLY~We have a development process that begins with cutting trees down, laying down roads, creating property boundaries, building houses, and then re-greening our community again.

IMAGINE~A new community where tree personality and house/owner personality are married. Click image below to make larger!

SUPPOSE~We have figured out mass transit and the road no longer forces our rectilinear properties lines. What if instead of the ROAD organizing us TREES do.

RELATIONSHIP~ between humans and trees would be profoundly different. Our EXPERIENCES with trees would be amazing on a daily basis, not just in the memories of our youth. Our experience of the urban environment altered forever.

And now how are we living?
Houses for tall trees.

We live inside a bush.

Houses are jackets for trees.

"We hope that we can realize this experience with the cooperation of The Tree People and the rest of the community.

These scaffold house structures are not difficult to build and perhaps through this new relationship we can wake a whole new generation of Tree Lovers."